Fusion 550

The Fusion 550 incorporates a unique six stage tube pre-amp paired with a high current solid state power amp. The rich warmth of tubes, combined with the quick, punchy power section that GK bass amps are known for is an experience like no other. In addition, GK takes the next step in innovation by adding motorized controls which allow you to store two different settings that can be recalled via a foot switch (included).

Fusion 550

• 500 watts 4 ohms
• 350 watts 8 ohms
• 50 watt horn bi-amp system
• Four band active EQ
• Variable contour with mid frequency select
• Three Tube pre-amp (12AX7)
• Tuning mute and motorized knobs (foot switchable)
• Effects loop & tuner out with mute
• XLR out, pre/post EQ & ground lift switch
• Speakon and 1/4” outputs
• 19”x10”x5.25” 25lbs.


What our customers are saying about the Fusion 550

“Just a note to let you know I fired up the Fusion 550 & played a gig this weekend and WOW! I can’t describe just how cool this amp is and how good it sounded with the NEO cabsinets (I used both a 112 & 212). Smooth as silk, no distortion, plenty of punch and LOUD! I tried an active 5 string just to see how it handled the ‘B’ and it was incredible. I couldn’t turn it up more than about 2. No waffle, no distortion, just clean, clear tone, (it literally rattled the windows). It was worth the wait! I used two different basses and set ch. 1 for one bass & ch. 2 for the other, made for a quick and easy change over, cool! (Plus I like to watch those faders move!). Great job guys! Great amp!”

– Syd Carr

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