New CX Series Cabinets

CX Cabs

The CX Series enclosures are the perfect compliment to the MB Series heads. The compact design and light weight allow you to create the ideal head and cabinet combination for any situation without sacrificing sound or portability. All CX cabinets are equipped with proprietary ceramic drivers designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. by GK and the same high frequency transducer found in the MB Series II combos and MBP powered enclosures.


New Music From Dave Holland

In the 40 years since Dave Holland’s recording debut as a leader with his landmark recording “Conference of the Birds” he has produced a remarkable series of recordings documenting his musical journey. For “Prism”, his latest recording, he’s assembled a quartet of outstanding players and composers who are also leaders in their own right, Kevin Eubanks on guitar, Craig Taborn on Piano and Fender Rhodes and Eric Harland on Drums. The recording is representative of the wide range of musical references that these musicians incorporate into their music and it features compositions written by each of them for the group.

The album takes the listener through many musical landscapes starting with the infectious funky groove of the Eubanks’ composition “The Watcher” followed by one of Holland’s compositions, “The Empty Chair”, a soulful blues that hints at references to the music of Jimi Hendrix. Craig Taborn’s “Spirals” creates an intriguing setting for the group that moves through a series of dramatically changing musical developments and Eric Harland’s hauntingly beautiful composition “Breathe” provides a musical space that seems to suspend time.

The groups of Dave Holland have always reflected a collaborative spirit with the goal of creating a musical context that allows the musicians to express their creative individuality. “Prism” brings together four musicians who are each forging their own musical path and together have created a unique and contemporary musical statement on this recording.



Martin Motnik

Peter Dallas and Martin Motnik (with store manager Alon Bitton) at Guitar Center Las Vegas for their ‘Rock Rhythm’ Clinic.


Factory Fotos



Burning in MB Combo amps.

Rolling out MBP cabinets.

Yes, we are making speakers now.

NAMM 2013

Bubby Lewis in the GK booth. NAMM 2013
Jason and Carlitos Del Puerto
Tom Hamilton of Aerosmith signing his GK poster.
Tom Hamilton of Aerosmith signing his GK poster.

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