Keelan Jones

In 1987, after having spent seven years of his life surrounded by a musically talented family, Mrs. Darlene Jones felt that it was time for her youngest son, Keelan Jones, to nourish his latent talent – music. The foundation of his talent, developing into a career, has proved to be his early but expansive experience playing at churches in Chicago, Illinois and surrounding metropolitan area.
Keelan began to aggressively study the technique of playing drums and bass, learning the fundamental rudiments and technique necessary to take his playing to a different level. Keelan has continued to play routinely, with his opportunities expanding to live and studio recording sessions, festivals, stage productions, televised programs, tours national and over seas and any other venue where music is heard. In late 2008, he embarked on the next journey of his musical career, by adding producing to his credits. With the advent of Pocket Productions, Keelan now applies his musical experience and expertise to nurturing the talent of established and new artists.

Abbreviated Resume;
Paula Cole
Chinbat Batmunkh (of Mongolia)
Otis Clay
Deleon Richards
Kim Stratton
Bill Dickens
Mavis Staples
Mike Stern (Columbia College in house),
and many more..

“I’ve been a GK user for years. The tone and clarity are distinguished and pristine. The construction is solid and dependable. The style is first in it’s class. Simply put, quality!”


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