Joshua Jaiman

Joshua M. Jaiman a bass player, music director and songwriter, was born August 30th 1990 in Bridgeport,CT. Joshua from a young age had a gift for music, but this gift wasn’t sparked until Joshua picked up the bass guitar at the age of 15. At this time Joshua was enrolled into “RCA” (regional center for the arts) where he learned the basics of the instrument, shortly there after he began playing at the Kingdom Life Christian Church where his playing became more fine-tuned. After 3 yrs at this Church Joshua became very proficient in many styles of music this has created a demand for his talents. Joshua traveled with the “Central Gospel Choir” to Virginia Beach, VA, where they competed in a choir competition against over 500 choirs, Joshua received a trophy for “best musical accompaniment” and medal for “best Bass”. He then began playing for many different Christian artists, which then opened doors for him nationally and internationally, playing in arenas, and some of the country’s biggest churches and Christian television networks as well. Joshua has toured with international gospel recording artist Eddie James (Capitol/EMI). He has played for Sony Recording Artist Daniel Smart, recording artists Joann Rosario, Martha Munizzi , and many others. Joshua is currently working as a lyricist/arranger/bass player for the group “Refined”, as well as several other CD projects. Joshua is also working on his own project “Releasing Heaven’s Sound”.

Joshua currently endorses Gallien-Krueger bass amps, MTD bass USA and Kingston, Reunion Blues guitar cases, Gruvgear, DR strings, Italia leather Straps and Mogami cable.


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