Jeremy Worden

A talented and versatile bass player, Jeremy Worden was born in Walnut Creek, California (San Francisco area) and was raised on a healthy diet of music through the church. Taking up the bass guitar when he was 12, he played in a number of music groups. He started playing in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas performing many genres/styles of music including rock, blues, R&B, funk, country, and gospel. Jeremy quickly became known for his improvisational abilities. Interspersed with these musical projects, Jeremy moved to the Midwest in 1998 and traveled extensively, both within the US and abroad.

A self taught player, Jeremy’s undeniable talent on the bass was quickly put to use in 2006, when he picked up his family and moved to Nashville, TN working with such legendary Country singers and songwriters like: Bobby Pinson, Pam Tillis, Neal McCoy, Jaime O’Neal, Linda Davis, Paul Brandt, Mark Collie, Carolina Rain and most recently Grand Ole Opry member Lorrie Morgan and season two X Factor winner Tate Stevens. With a focus on keeping the bass heavy, complimenting the piece, and groove-oriented deliveries, his performance works lent Jeremy to be considered by many of his peers in Nashville as a current “Top Player.”

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