Dealer Spotlight

Premier Bass Guitars is based in Colorado and is proud to serve Denver, Boulder, and the Rocky Mountain Region! Whether you are in Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, or anywhere in between, they are your source for quality bass guitars, amplification products, effects, and accessories. They opened a new retail store near Boulder in November 2011. Premier Bass Guitars is dedicated to providing you with quality, name brand bass guitars, amplifiers, and accessories at a wide range of prices. They wouldn’t carry it if they wouldn’t be happy owning it. Bass guitar brands include; G&L USA, G&L Tribute, Hofner, Lakland Skyline, Lakland USA, Martin Keith, Mike Lull, MTD Kingtson, MTD USA, Modulus, Rick Turner Renaissance, Roscoe, Sadowsky, Veillette, and more. Premier Bass Guitars also represents top-name amplification and signal chain products from the best in the business including Gallien-Krueger. Of course, they carry a wide range of accessories including strings, tubes, straps, cables, effects, and more.

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