Dave Klein

Dave Klein has grabbed life by the neck and strangled his way through every band willing to give him a seat in the van. On bass, Klein has proven there’s more to the craft than just thumpin’ along at the drummer’s feet. Self-taught and self-assured, Klein takes the zen approach to music of  less is more … more or less.

Touring the world in 2013, bassist Dave Klein joins guitarist Greg Ginn, vocalist Ron Reyes and drummer Gregory Amoore to form the latest incarnation of Black Flag. Klein will also join Ginn, Amoore and singer/professional skateboarder Mike Vallely to complete ‘Good For You’. The sure to be brief departure of longtime SST bassist Dale Nixon has opened the door for Klein to take the reigns. Dave Klein is looking forward to hitting the stage throughout the year with ‘Good For You’ and Black Flag, which have brought forth a progressive aggression in his playing. A convergence harkening back to his time in the early ‘00s with Colorado riff-rockers, Wretch Like Me.

When not manning the low end, Klein can be found stirring up trouble on social networking sites and spamming his latest artistic endeavors, including a recurring acting role on the annual holiday television special from the EMMY AWARD WINNING, 2 MOVIE GUYS.

Since 2011, Klein has been playing bass with and managing Oklahoma hardcore darlings They Stay Dead as well as slinging the 4 string for legendary Chicago pop punk pioneers Screeching Weasel and he appears on their critically acclaimed comeback EP Carnival of Schadenfreude.



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