Ray Scavo

Ray Scavo a passionate and dedicated bass player. ripping on the bass since the young age of 4, he’s been playing non stop for the last 20 years with no plans of putting it down anytime soon. With his father also being a touring musician, Ray found his natural talents through the lights his father shed on him through the gift of music. He’s played sold out stadiums in Belgium while touring with his former band Operatika, opened for the Misfits, and even played for the Philadelphia 76ers at half time show. He’s played with Gospel legends Kirk Franklin and Fred Hammond and has won numerous awards for playing bass. As cliche as his love is for music he even has a special spot for his bass to sleep next to him at night. Ray is one of the youngest artists to be endorsed by Gallien-Krueger at the age of 23 and he’s grateful to be part of the family. When Gallien-Krueger reached out to him, he instantly knew his search for the perfect sound was over! His current band Take Away the Ugly has recorded at the legendary Premier/Quad studios working with the well known Kevin Geigel who is Busta Rhymes and Young Jeezy’s recording engineer. His goal is to one day be the greatest bass player of all time and he’s well on his way to reaching that. Ray Scavo is a force to be reckoned with in the bass world.



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