Greg Richling

Arthur Channel is the melding of newcomer singer/songwriter Jon GreeneJack Irons (The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Eleven , Wallflowers), Greg Richling (Wallflowers, Fiona Apple), and Alain Johannes (Eleven, Queens Of The Stone Age). They call themselves Arthur Channel.”Why?” you ask…..Well, for one thing, don’t ask the band members. They’re not sure either. Yet one thing they do know is that every arrow pointed them toward finding each other.

The name arrived out of nowhere, much like unknown, yet masterful singer/songwriter/guitarist Jon Greene appeared in the lives of drummer Jack Irons and bass player Greg Richling. Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, Jon acquired Jack’s contact info and sent him a three song demo he had been working on; coincidentally, Jack and Greg had been discussing finding an unknown singer/songwriter to start working with.  Greg says, rather resigned, “I bet Jon spied us from the tree tops. He knew no matter how good the bass and drums were sounding, it was a lonely affair.”

The band’s debut recording features the voice of Jon Greene inciting thought provoking lyrics such as “As the earth was shaking us/ there was no mistaking love” (or ‘Hand over arms/ And let something be silenced for once’). Greg Richling on bass and Jack Irons on drums prove to be an unshakable rhythm section breathing life into these songs in sonic alchemy. The lead guitar roles were mostly by famed studio musician Lyle Workman. Zach Irons plays lead on ‘Ripple’ and Alain Johannes manned lead on ‘New Life’ quickly becoming a perfect fit. The record was mixed by Alain who then became their go-to guy for live shows. Their debut album will be released in September this year on Brooklyn label The End Records. Listen loud and remember why you love rock and roll.


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