Bobby Wilcox

Bobby grew up in Ventura, California and now lives in Oakland. He began playing and touring in punk rock and rock and roll bands as a 16 year old. Twenty years later, he shows no signs of stopping any time soon. His first setup was an 800RB and A GK 410, and currently plays an 800RB with a Neo412 cab, due to the durability, reliability and consistency in tone they provide with his hard hitting, loud, and aggressive attack.

“The GK’s are perfect for me. They’re never moody, the response is immediate, they’re virtually indestructible, and they sound better the harder I drive them. They’re just right for what I want from an amp, playing the way I play.”

Bobby currently is the bassist for Bay Area punk rock band, Jonny Manak and the Depressives (Self Destructo Records/Reach Around Records) who are recording their fifth full length album and for The Sorority, a heavy handed rock and roll band from Oakland, who are recording their first full length.


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